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Ghost Frogs

First published in
Dark Mountain: Issue 18 – FABULA
Edited by Nic
k Hunt, Eric Robertson and Philip Webb Gregg 
October 2020

Skye is a millennial devastated by the environmental destruction of the planet, who spends their days trying to clear the beach of thousands of tiny plastic nurdles. Enter Brian, a lonely misfit with a morbid fascination for ghosts. Might this encounter prove disastrous or redemptive?

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The Rhino's Child

First published in All the Good Things around Us: an Anthology of African Short Stories
Edited by Ivor Agyeman-Duah 
Ayebia Press 2015

  • Runner up in the Aftermath magazine 2019 'End of the world' contest.

Sono, a refugee in an unnamed city in the aftermath of a climate disaster, has taken it upon himself to guard the natural history museum's collection of stuffed animals - most of which are extinct in the time of the story. His encounter with an abandoned child challenges the course he had set for his life.  Read on the Aftermath website here.

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Next Full Moon we will Release Juno

First Published in Let's Tell This Story Properly
An Anthology of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize
Edited by Ellah Wakatama Allfrey
Dundurn Press 2015

  • Shortlisted for the 2011 Commonwealth Short Story Prize

Jonah was always different. When he gets a job at a small town taxidermy shop in the Karoo, he longs to release the spirit of the animals trapped in their stuffed bodies... .

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The Infant Odysseus

First published in Incredible Journey: An Anthology of the Short.Sharp Stories Award
Edited by Joanne Hichens
Burnett Media 2015

  • Runner up in the 2015 Short Sharp Stories Awards in association with the National Arts Festival


The story of a baby who travelled and the journey taken by the woman who found her. TJudges called it: "An excellent concept, beautifully observed, and the crisis is convincing. Lovely and accomplished writing, resonant and moving."  Also published by the Commonwealth writers, it may be read at

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